Greek island beaches

The Freedom to Travel Your Way

Set sail for a holiday sailing adventure at the beautiful Greek seas. There is no island too large or too small for you to conquer. Plan your island hopping to your liking while enjoying the ultimate comfort our boat can offer.

Sit back and relax or dive in and explore. It really is up to you. With thousands of islands in the Aegean, many of them uninhabited, the world really is your oyster. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go check it out!

Skippered sailing charter vacations

Skippered charter vacation lets you have the best of both worlds. Your experienced skipper will show you the spectacular sights of the Greek islands at the pace you choose while you relax away from the helm.

We welcome small groups of 2-8 aboard our catamaran. Keeping it small allows you to relax with your closest family and friends and really enjoy all that the Aegean has to offer away from the crowds.

“There are no words to describe this catamaran.”

Andres Bolah

Set your soul free


Our company is solely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Making your vacation the best ever is our greatest reward. We are a family company and we treat our customers like family, with patience, adaptability and consistency.

Rosa Dei Venti

We truly believe that our services are at their best when we are not working towards providing a solution to the customer but an experience of a lifetime.

Design your Dream Cruise

Infinite choices to design your Dream Cruise. Sail away to Cyclades, Dodecanese and other destinations, with the luxurious and brand new Rosa dei Venti

Experience of a life time

Enjoy amazing sunsets, visit Islands of unique beauty and calmness, spend time in beautiful beaches, get the most of a week or two (or as many as you want) .

Most experienced Crew

Our crew has sailed in every bit of the Aegean sea and can help you design your cruise, sail with the maximum safety and show you around to hidden places not widely known.